iPhone Repairs call 022 310 1879

iPhone Repairs in Taupo and Rotorua New Zealand.

iPhone repair shop in Taupo New 
Zealand Horomatangi St

iPhone screens replaced, iPhone body chassis and batteries replaced or repaired.

Graham Philip, long-time Taupo iPhone repair tech is now operating from

43 Horomatangi St
Monday to Friday.

Up the stairs in the Kloud Collective Centre, Ring or text before you come.
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Since leaving Taupo Computer Services Graham has moved to the CBD and is now offering the same high quality iPhone repair service as before.

Cameras replaced, batteries fitted, charge ports fitted, body chassis replaced.

iPhone buttons repaired and iPhone power flex fixed, iPhone Speakers replaced and wifi repaired.

iPhone ear peice speakers replaced in Taupo, iPhone proximity sensors replaced in Taupo, iPhone volume controls fixed, iPhone rear cameras repaired or replaced in Taupo.

Graham Philip highly experienced iPhone repair tech in Taupo New Zealand
Does your camera let you down when you use your iPhone to take a pic? Drop it in to us to replace it: probably less than $100, maybe less than $50.

How about your iPhone Speaker? Is it crackly and hard to hear people? Bring it in to us in the morning and chances are it will be done by afternoon!

What about your iPhone loudspeaker? Is it too quiet to hear outside? Let us replace it for you, it shouldn't take long and should not cost more than $70.

And your iPhone Selfie Camera? Blurry and out of focus? Bring it on. We'll get it sorted.
Overheating? We can likely do something about that. iPhone 5s Battery going flat quickly? Bring it on.iPhone camera repair tech parts in Taupo New Zealand Do we garantee our work?
Graham has gained a reputation for doing first class iPhone repairs, which he stands behind.
We test each iPhone prior to opening it up, and contact you about any issues that we find before we start. Then after the repair we test the iPhone again, trying out all the features to be sure nothing is wrong.

You may be happy that the camera doesn't work and that's ok, just fix the screen: we'll agree to that.
You are the customer and the customer is always right.

*Hints on Usage of your iPhone. Don't let your preschooler play with it. They can set it so you can never get back into it, by their continual pressing of the buttons.
Also, by sucking the iPhone they can damage it, by the saliva that gets into the delicate logic board components. What's moreyour toddler can change your password easily, also locking you out of your iPhone indefinitely. They can also set your iPhone to be in Gesture Mode, which means it won't respond to normal touch-screen commands. This mode needs you to use three fingers on your iPhone, instead of tapping one finger. Then you can go to Settings General and turn Accessibilty Gesture Mode off.
What about screens? We can replace Screens and LCDs for iPhone 5s, Screens and LCDs for iPhone 5se, Screens and LCDs for iPhone 6, Screens and LCDs for iPhone 6 and Screens and LCDs for iPhone 6 Plus and Screens and LCDs for iPhone 6S and Screens and LCDs for iPhone 6S plus.